EsportsPro is a potential game changer in the Blockchain and Crypto space.

EsportsPro Introduction

We are a gaming tournament and sponsorship service provider that connect the gamers, organisers, teams and local businesses in general.

Our company provides value for gaming esports teams, event organizers and gamers by connecting businesses like yours, and we believe that we can help each other to expand our world-class services.

In addition, we have our own crypto token to use on our platform and we are quite happy to set up a crypto payment gateway to sell your products through our tokens.

We have a vision of cooperating with you as a commercial partner, and we’re happy to invite you to grow together and fulfill your customers’ needs.

About platform & Local business Sponsorship

We are a sponsorship platform for gaming tournaments. Our platform EsportsPro is efficiently designed to cater the brands and businesses who want to get involved with the local gaming community through our effective and proficient sponsorship marketing model.

Let’s understand the marketing potential in the esports industry:

Last year, the whole world was brought to a stand-still and lockdowns were the frequent affairs of 2020. If it is not for covid-19, not many today would be in a position to realise the enormity of the gaming industry which is expected to ease past $200 bn mark in revenue by 2023. The industry expansion is largely driven by the rising numbers of gamers and spectators each year which led to the rise of gaming influencers too who play a niche role in its development. By now, most businesses around the globe may have understood the size of the gaming industry and even may be intimidated by the size of the spectators it boasts. However, it’s highly important for the businesses to understand the nitty-gritties of the gaming audiences to firmly establish a natural engagement to pitch-in their brand values and care to cater their digitally-savvy esports fans. According to the 2019 Q3 Global Digital Statshot report, published by Data Reportel, nearly 1 billion people worldwide have watched video game tournaments. Esports fans are very diverse and mainly millennials, approximately 50% of them fall under the age group of 16–24 and 25–34 years respectively. The esports industry is growing at an unimaginable rate and businesses should embrace this opportunity of exclusivity to get as close to their target audiences.

“EsportsPro, simply thrives on the idea of promoting local businesses to much wider and larger audiences through its gaming & sponsorship platform”.

Freelancing for gamers

Our marketplace feature is specifically designed for freelancing services which will unfold a novel earning opportunity for the gamers who constantly seek to support their gaming requirements and be competent in the gaming community. The services can be listed such as Streaming, Commentary, Team/Organizer/ Social Media management, Content & Banner creation, Discord Server promotions, Video production and Game Coaching and many more.

Secondly, the crowdfunding feature consists of in-kind sponsors and business sponsors through which our organisers conduct tournaments by raising funds through the gaming communities, followers and local businesses. In addition, organizers could reach out to specific businesses who are locally stationed for sponsorships and propose to them the benefits of signing-up one of the listed EsportsPro sponsorship packages.

This also outweighs the necessity of big brands involvement for sponsorships and moreover it gives an exclusivity to local businesses to expand their market presence by engaging with the gaming communities on their products and services.

EsportsPro NFT Championship

Every year EsportsPro will release 12 NFT Trophies for tournaments and 12 NFT Trophies Description Cards for the marketplace (in total of 24NFTs). The Trophy description cards will have details about the Trophy Name and Sponsor’s name & Logo . Each year, the trophy’s name will be announced and will be opened for 12 sponsorship bids. The highest bidder’s name will be printed on the trophy and the trophy’s description card as well. The percentage of the bidding amount will be allocated for the tournament’s Prize pool and the tournament sponsor will be awarded as the title sponsor.

NFT skills gaming tournaments

• Skill games will be released and our ESPC holders will be able to invite Head 2 Head NFT challenges to win more engrossing NFTs. Early adoption games will be online Board game and 8 Ball pool game and along the road map we will adopt more skill games.

• The 1,000,000 ESPRO tokens prize pool will be distributed to ESPC NFT holders who will have the advantage of free entry to Head 2 Head games and win ESPRO tokens.

What is the EsportsPro Championship Club?

EsportsPro Championship Club collections are representing Gamers, Influencers, Entrepreneurs, Athletes, and Crypto Investors. Randomly generated 10,000 NFTs have unique Characteristics, Type and Quality.

EsportsPro Championship Club Gamers: Who sets the internet alive with an insatiable appetite to improve their skills and strategic qualities which plays a pivotal role in nurturing the fightback attitude in the real world.

EsportsPro Championship Club Influencers: Who always tend to strike the right cord in converging all ranges of audiences and keeping them updated on good aspects of the gaming industry such as profiles to NFTs from marketplace to crowdfunding.

EsportsPro Championship Club Entrepreneurs: Who are the contemporary “Dreamers and Makers” . Their propensity to work on daring projects to drive results which are never thought off before to provide exhilarating and congenial features to their users/followers.

EsportsPro Championship Club Crypto Holders: Who are the modern day samurais whose risk appetite is beyond anyone’s imagination. Their fearless investing approach keeps the markets exciting and pulsating. Many dream to be one of them however, very few seem to master it.

EsportsPro Championship Club Athletes: Who are intrinsically motivated and their Energy, Spirit and Ambition is set for ultimate purpose. Eyeing for Glory, who constantly push their limits to better their past records.

NFT Gaming

We absolutely believe that no product or service is worth so much if it couldn’t sync or meet with the market’s or users’ needs. Hence, we have come up with an approach not only to promote our features in the market, but also we want to educate our users to make them understand the features that have to offer with greater rewards for their high-priced time and skills.

Nowadays, gaming has a spiked demand for unique and digital items that are tradable and purchasable. This is mainly due to the rarity of these items which inflate their price which the gamers are quite aware of these valuable digital assets. It is ok to say, gaming NFTs could be a portrait purchase, still most of them have utility too. NFT games are catching up to the crypto bandwagon and in no time, it would subside the mesmerizing crypto returns. Play-to-earn NFT games are the way to go now as it provides the users with an income during their playtime.

NFT Utilisation

Players spend time playing while they are at it, learning new skills with precision and patience. Usually, players’ performances are measured based on their scores and wins. However at EsportsPro, we want to define the players performances through skills-based metrics which would give value rise to their bagged NFTs. It is very important that they are recognised for their time and skills invested during gameplay. By this way, they would be able to monetise their prized-possessions based on the performances which is the most appropriate way to appreciate their efforts.


The rise of blockchain technology have largely enabled us to bring up the solution for the gamers/ game enthusiasts/ viewers/ game strategist/ game developers. With the support of the blockchain technology, we are capable of handling the largest amount of transactions, gaming events and players in the secure environment. Unlike other esports gaming events, we are going to diversify the prize pools which will be streamed back to most of the game participants as a token of appreciation for their efforts.

ESPRO Utility ( use cases)

• ESPRO can be used to pay for the tournament entry fee.

• ESPRO liquidity and staking rewards.

• ESPRO can be used as payment transaction on EsportsPro marketplace services.

• ESPRO can be used for players/teams subscription on EsportsPro platform.

• ESPRO can be used to pay tournament’s prize pool.

Platform Subscription

We will have a Subscription plan for Pro account and will allow to pay through our ESPRO token. Whoever subscribed with us will get many benefits such as free entry sponsored tournaments, listed sponsors insights and many more features to access our platform.

Third Party Merchant Integration

EsportsPro will integrate the ESPRO token payment gateway for the online retail and service platforms to accept the ESPRO payment in different blockchains such as; Polygon, Ethereum & Binance chain to give the options for the buyers to select the gas fee and reasonable transaction fee than competitors.


EsportsPro is a gaming platform based on blockchain technology with Crypto and NFTs integration. Its core idea is to unite the gamers, organizers, sponsors (big, medium and small businesses) and other key stakeholders to support each other’s cause. Our platform is very unique to the existing platforms which paves way for great options such as professional gaming career, gaming related knowledge-pooling and monetary assistance to the emerging Esports teams and organisers. Moreover, for sponsors it provides a new marketing opportunity to increase their brand value in conjunction with the new consumer base.

To further say on the EsportsPro uniqueness, as follows:

• It’s one of the core intent is to connect the local businesses through the sponsorship platform.

• It’s underlying vision is global participation and taking the local brands to the global stage which is “ACT local REACH global” .



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EsportsPro is an esports blockchain platform for tournaments and sponsors.